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Article: Hair Tools You Just May Need

Hair Tools You Just May Need

Hair Tools You Just May Need

When it comes to hair, having the right tools can make or break a style. LaJAshley created a “great place to start” list of tools to make styling simple and efficient.


1. Shampoo Massage Brush

Using your nails normally lead to ripping and tearing the skin when cleaning hair. A shampoo brush was designed to give you a gentler experience, allowing for a more  easier and productive  shampoo experience. They also spread shampoo evenly throughout hair and promote blood circulation.

2. Steamers

Hair steamers can range from the big hooded steamers you see at the salon to handheld streamers like Q-Redrew. They produce steam which allow nutrients to penetrate and nourish the hair follicle and scalp, refresh curls and help with detangling/

3. Detangle Brush

Were made to make the detangling process of hair easier. Use a quality detangling brush to prevent hair loss and split ends. Don’t forget to be gentle.

4. Scissor/Split End Trimmer

The reason for trimming is to remove the  damaged, split ends that leave hair dull and breaking.

5. Steam Flat Iron

We oftentimes like to straighten our hair for certain occasions, to do length checks, or simply because we like our hair that way. However, most conventional flat irons tend to fry and be damaging because of the extreme direct heat it produces. Steam straighteners don’t excessively dry out hair and are gentler and less damaging.

6. Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are great when refreshing hair with water and when hair needs to be re-moisturized and sealed.

7. Plastic Cap

Plastic caps were designed to protect hair from water but also gives hair and scalp a steamy experience when deep conditioning.

8. Microfiber Towel

Are able to absorbs more water without excessive dryness, prevents hair snags, removes frizz and is overall more gentle on hair.

9. Satin scarf/pillowcase

Were made to combat the amount of friction between hair and sweater, pillow, or scarf that create hair snags, and dry out hair.

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