WATER Ingredient Spotlight


Water. A liquid substance that makes up 71% of the world we live and 60% of our. bodies, and something we’ve been told we need lots of. But why? Why is it a part of a healthy diet?


Whether internally or externally, it is definitely an essential part of life. Water does so much more than our eyes can see, until you omit it from your hair regimen, then everyone will clearly understand lol. 



Just like plants, hair needs water to grow. The average strand consists of approximately 15% of its weight in water. Removing water internally and/or externally hinders growth because of lack of moisture. When hair doesn’t have enough moisture, it becomes brittle and leads to split ends. 


Water hydrates the scalp as well, (the foundation of healthy hair) preventing dandruff and that annoying itch that creates flakes.


Nutrient Rich

 Even though it doesn’t have all our essential nutrients, water is highly nutritious and many vital minerals that the body needs. Statistics show that drinking at least two liters of water a day, will help strengthen hair and increase growth. For an added boost,  apply a light mist of water following LaJAshley’s Strengthening Hair Elixir to maximize growth.


I’m sure if you previously had doubts, you can certainly agree that water is an essential part of life and hair. We, at LaJAshley, know how important water is at maintaining healthy, moisturized hair, which is why water is the 1st ingredient in all of our Shampoos, Conditioners, Moisturizers, Styling Gel and Edge Control. So grab a couple liters and HYDRATE!

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