The Little Science Lab: Where Education Meets Innovation

Introduce your stuudents to the captivating world of scientific discovery with LaJAshley's "The Little Science Lab" DIY science kit. Designed for your classroom aged 6 and up. This innovative educational tool bridges the gap between theorectical science and practical application. Through creating three 100% natural and vegan-friendly experiments, students will explore key scientific principles in a hands-on, interactive way. Engage their curiosity with projects that incldue a Smoothing Body Butter, Botanical Hair and Body Mist, and Ecolip Elixir Lip Balm, each designed to foster a deep, lasting interest in science.

Why Incorporate the Little Science Lab into Your Teaching?

Hands-On Learning

Embrace experimental learning with activities that reinforce scientific concepts, encourage problem-solving and cultivate. This kit turns abstract ideas into tangible experiences, making science relatable and enjoyable.

Curriculum Alignment

Each experiment is crafted to complement existing science curricula, enhancing student's understanding of natural sciences and sustainability, it's a perfect tool to integrate into STEAM education strategies, promoting interdisciplinary learning.

Safe and Eco-Conscious

Safety in the classroom is paramount. The Little Lab is committed to providing a safe learning environment with 100% natural and vegan experiment. It's an excellent way to teach students about sustainability and the importance of eco-friendly practices in science.

Inspire Future Scientists

Spark the imagination of your students and inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators, and environmental stewards. The kit not only educates but, also empowers students to explore the endless possibilities within the field of science.

A Resource for Engaging Education

The Little Science Lab kit is more than just a science experiment set, its a comprehensive educational resource it comes equipped with detaileed instructions, educational materials, and suggestions for classroom discussions, making it easy to integrate into your lesson plans. Whether you're leading a class projects, organizing a science club, envoking entrepreneurship, or looking for an engaging way to celebrate Earth Day, The Little Science Lab offers endless possibilities to enrich your students learning experiences. 

Empower Your Teaching with The Little Science Lab

Elevate your teaching and bring the excitement of scientific discovery to your classrom. The Litttle Science Lab is not just about making natural beauty products; it's a gateway to exploring the wanders of science in a way that's enagaing, educational, and meaningful.

Invest in The Little Science Lab today, and watch as your classroom transforms into a vibrant laboratory of learning, discovery and inspiration!


Smoothing Body Butter


Botanical Hair & Body Mist


EcoLip Elixir Lip Balm

Little Science Lab Curriculum Resources

Little Science Lab Sunscreen Edition

 Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and creativity at LaJAshley’s Little Science Lab! Start exploring today and unlock the secrets of natural beauty with us.
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