How to Trim Your Own Hair

Trimming is an essential part of healthy hair. As stated in LaJAshley’s “…Now Lets’s Get Hairformation” blog, hair is dead once it leaves the scalp. When hair is handled (combed, styled, brushed, manipulated, etc) it is susceptible to tangles, knots and breakage. When tangled occur, they increase breakage, especially if you don’t take time to detangle hair properly. Split ends are very common, but if not trimmed right away, can split all the way up your hair strand. Knots in hair often snag onto clothing and other hair strands and increase tangles. Overall, hair doesn’t look healthy when not trimmed and can look frizzy and lifeless. Who wants that? I know you don’t.

It is recommended that hair be trimmed once every 3-4 months, but if you are extremely cautious and careful with your hair, you don’t necessarily need to trim as much, just as needed. 


How to Trim

1. Only use professional scissors and never use a dull blade. Dull blades will only cause more damage.

2. Section hair into small sections when trimming. It’ll allow the blade to glide smoothly through less strands, especially for those with thicker hair strands.

3. Make sure hair is slightly damp, preferably with a leave-in conditioner, like our Creamy Leave- In and fully detangled. NEVER detangle on fully dry hair, it’ll only cause more damage.

4. Give yourself plenty of time to trim, you don’t want to rush the process because your’e pressed for time. This will ensure you get to every section or part that needs trimming.


Best Techniques

For Curly/Kinky hair

If your hair is more on the curly side, let your curls fall naturally. For every small individual curl, trim away rough, split ends.

If hair is more on the kinkier side, your can two strand twist hair and trim hair at the very end of the twist. The smaller, the better.

For Straight/Wavy hair:

Separate hair into four different sections, and  separate each section into 4-6 parts, then start trimming. 


Overall, you can search and find out single strand knots, split and frayed ends throughout your hair. Also, to ensure the best visibility, blowing out hair is also a a great method to use when trimming. This way hair is fully stretched, and more or less, one texture.


Trimming is not as complicated as it seems and if you can’t make it to the salon, this is the best alternative over letting hair suffer. Lastly, reduce the amount of trimming by using our Green Apple Dream Protein Conditioner which will help reduce split ends from now!

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