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Article: SHEA BUTTER Ingredient Spotlight

SHEA BUTTER Ingredient Spotlight

SHEA BUTTER Ingredient Spotlight

Harvested  from the shea nuts in West Africa, shea butter became an extremely beneficial product for both hair and body. Also known as the “tree of life” (karite tree) because of its healing properties. It can be widely used from soaps to hair sealant and has tons nutrients that keep hair and skin healthy.



Moisture is a very important part of hair. Without it hair becomes dry, frizzy and brittle. Fine and oily hair types are most susceptible to form of damage. Therefore, sealing is a very important after the application of a water based product to keep moisture in. Shea butter has a high content of fatty acids like palmitic, oleic, linoleum, stearic and arachidic; making it  excellent at preventing water loss.


Anti-Aging and Anti-inflamatory 

Although the sun is very beneficial, the effects of its UV rays can have detrimental effects on hair and scalp. Sun rays create free radicals that cause oxidative damage to tissues if not protected properly. Shea butter contains sun protecting properties that absorb UVB radiation. That's why LaJAshley put this amazing ingredient in our Moisture Mist Leave-In Conditioners because it also aids in cell regeneration and boosts collagen.  Shea butter also contains the compound amyrin, a well known anti-inflammatory. 

You can find She Butter in an array of other  LaJAshley products such as:

Moisturizing Silk Shampoo

Coconut Cream Hydrating Hair Masque

Strawberry Cream Hair Moisturizer

Mint-Tea Hair Lotion 






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